Saturday, January 10, 2009

Honda Life Style Study for rich women

Adding bling to cars is in fashion these days. The name isn’t popular enough this time though, but after being bejeweled with Swarovski crystals, the car has become an immeasurable treasure. The car is the Life Style Study by Honda that is on display at this year’s Tokyo Auto Salon. Designed in a way to target the female cadre, the small coupe comes with pink Swarovski crystals scattered all over the body, including the exhaust pipe tip and wheels. Along with the small sedan, Honda is exhibiting two other cars named the Sports Modulo Fit and the S2000 for automotive fashionistas.
Via: Autoesporte

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  1. is that a jazz? i think it's called life in other parts of the world. here in the Philippines, it's jazz. that is very cool but I think if i own something like this, it stays in the garage.. ;)


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