Friday, June 18, 2010

Hastens new $18,000 luxury bed is strictly a royal affair

A restful sleep comes for a price. The luxury bedding craze is luring the rich to bed in style. Luxury bed maker Hastens, known for its high-end clientele including Tom Cruise and David Beckham, is now offering a royal treat to its uber rich clientele with “The Royal Bed” to celebrate the marriage of Crown Princess Victoria to Daniel Westling on June 19. The all-natural mattress set, a trademark of Hastens, features bridal colors, “lavish white with subtle accents in sumptuous gold,” and it features legs made in oak and accented with brushed brass. Each bed is embroidered with gold thread that reads: “Hastens Royal 2010″ and each corner of the bed is adorned with a brushed brass crown that is detachable. The royalty comes for a matching price tag of $18,000.
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