Saturday, February 20, 2010

Porsche opens the world of racecar action for amateurs

If you have ever dreamt of a racecar, we are sure you must have dreamt of a racetrack as well. For many of us that dream might be over and for some of us the world of Formula One racing is miles apart from our ambitions, but if you still strive toward a day to show your flair on the racetrack, then my friend you have to be in Abu Dhabi. The launch of a new racing concept at the home of the Abu Dhabi Formula One Grand Prix, opens up a thrilling new world of race action for people, whose daily routines from office to home limits their passion for motor sports. he concept based on the “arrive and drive” nature is introduced by Porsche to identify top Arab and local-based talent in the region and become a platform for entry into the world of international GT and sports car racing. While we all understand that it won’t come cheap, it’s priceless to follow your dream. So, to take part in this series you have to invest in a brand new Porsche GT3 Cup car to begin with and follow your dream in the international circuits in Bahrain and Reem outside Riyadh next year, and let life be great!

Via: Automobil Sport

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