Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Kitchen Sink Cadillac, designed for royalty

Its’ one of a handful of dream machines that has stepped out of obscurity to regale an on-the-go top cat with a hearty appetite. Built by General Motors for its 1956 Motorama Show, the Maharani, more commonly known among collectors as the Kitchen Sink Cadillac, goes under the hammer at RM’s Automobiles of Arizona. Its’ an artifact that enlivens the ’50s era with cardboard tags, dating to when the car was built, still attached to various wiring harnesses. However, it’s the interior ones left marveling at. The space once devoted to the front passenger seat is replaced by an array of culinary appliances, including a toaster, refrigerator, hot plate, cutlery holder and, yes, a kitchen sink; not to forget that most of the gadgets are not in operational condition since they have not been used in decades. Nobody knows what kept the Maharani from going under the crusher all these years, but for sure, it’s all set to make you feel like a king at an estimate of $150,000 to $200,000.

Via: NY Times

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