Thursday, August 6, 2009

Scottish Baronial mansion soon to be £1.3bn luxury resort

Bringing a new level of wealth to Scotland, the Dall Estate and M James Developments are renovating the magnificent Scottish Baronial mansion for a £1.3bn luxury resort in Perthshire on the shores of Loch Rannoch. Built in 1855, the mansion will soon be a 104-suite hotel in a 7-story iconic structure with two 18-hole golf courses. The recreated luxury resort would also house a health spa, a body enhancement clinic and some leisure and retail spaces, together with lochside restaurants and a concert hall, creating a development of the highest quality and sustainability in the Scottish suburbs. The Dall resort would charge you a whopping £2 million membership fee with annual dues of £500,000, while an overnight stay at the luxury hotel would start at £6,000 per person, rising to £14,000 for the finest quarters

1 comment:

  1. that is one big resort and a pretty luxurious one...its like they are developing a haven for people who wants to relax on a very luxurious level...


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