Saturday, May 9, 2009

Gold Bugatti Veyron at Gumball Rally blows us away

The Bugatti Veyron has earned itself a name in car history as an undisputed classic, and these days special editions of the supercar are coming out like rabbits popping out of bunnies. Lately, we spotted aVeyron in gold owned by someone in Kuwait, and now we have yet another gold version of the car, which is taking part in the Gumball Rally 2009. Pictured above is a gold Bugatti Veyron before Gumball stickers were put on it. The 11th Annual Gumball 3000 Rally (May 1-8, 2009) features a coast to coast road trip of 3000 miles, from Los Angeles to Miami. This Veyron has been wrapped by British decal specialists Raccoon. Roll over to see more shots of the golden beauty.
Via: Gumball


  1. Beautiful Car!...Just stopping by to say Thanks, over all your blog is mind blowing. waiting for your new post. Good luck Keep doing the same....

  2. That golden veryon amazes me! Wouldn´t it be great that when you go to a different country and get a rental they gave you cars like these? When I travel to argentina they gave me one that was not bad at all, but driving a classic for a couple of wees does not sounds like a bad plan, does it?


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