Tuesday, March 24, 2009

The $1 million gold-plated Samand LX sedan

Pimping the vehicles with gold, diamond and other precious stones does help to flaunt your riches on the road. We have seen so many bling-bling vehicles earlier, including the Swarovski-studded bikes, gold plated Porsches and the diamond-studded Mercedes coupe. The latest to catch our attention is a gold plated Samand LX sedan from Iran. The $1 million car has raised eyebrows in the city of Tehran, when its owners had to drive it through the streets after an accident. The car was to be delivered to some Russian buyer, but the whole thing went wrong when the truck carrying this golden beauty collided with a pickup. The gold-plated sedan is the creation of two goldsmiths from Isfahan, who got the inspiration after seeing images of a gold-plated Porsche on TV and on the Internet.

Farzad Fakhreddin told Tabnak that they did it with the help of a French engineer who worked for the Peugeot factory. They gold-plated the tailgate, hood, doors and fenders only and replaced the car mats with Persian carpets. The dashboard was decorated with “khatam” inlays by some Iranian artist. The anonymous Russian buyer wants to keep the gold-plated Iranian Iranian-made vehicle in his private collection.

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