Tuesday, February 10, 2009

$2M DiMora Natalia to plonk rich tunes with world's first MP3-enabled horn

The ultra-luxurious $2M sporty sedan from DiMora Motorcar just got another new feature — the world’s first MP3-enabled horn! It features 256MB of internal flash memory, 150 watts of audio amplification, and a weatherproof, ruggedized, compression-driver speaker. The Horntones system can deliver hundreds of different sounds at an impressive 110db sound pressure. The company feels that the Horntones system is probably the most radical change in car horns in the past century. It allows the driver to communicate something more than just a general alert such as standard horn sounds, passenger pick-up signaling, personal safety alerts, and so on.
Via: Autoblog/PressRelease


  1. Nice car and write up but not alas not many can afford it.

  2. I love the color, it's so rich and sleek. really, I love everything about it. I wish it's mine! ;)


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