Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Diamond-studded VISA card redefines luxury for shoppers

In the time when almost all organizations around the world have succumbed to recession, the Eurasian Bank, a bank in oil-rich nation, Kazakhstan, has unveiled a new VISA card designed for a private club of VIP clients. The one of a kind luxury VISA card is adorned with a shimmering 0.02 carat diamond and a slight Midas touch to entice the club members. This recession-defying offering from the Kazakh bank will be issued to clients with an annual income of $300,000 or above. Dmitry Nikolin, the executive director of Eurasian Bank, says that the diamond-encrusted credit card will be offered to clients beyond Kazakhstan as well.

No word on what the actual value of the card itself is, but it’s an object that is a sign of revival in the time of global financial meltdown, and would add a little bling to one’s shopping spree

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